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We were commissioned to create a graveled terrace next to a conservatory at one side of this garden to make the most of the magnificent views over Glasgow. Our ingenious design extended the area with a new reclaimed sandstone retaining wall. We then created a raised pond with the wall doubling as seating for the terrace which is frequently used for entertaining.

Reclaimed sandstone is used for the pond wall, and a single piece, more than half a ton in weight, provides the water source. This block was drilled from the base to feed the beautiful glass chute which appears magically from the centre of the stone. At night lighting within the block lights the glass channel and underwater lighting within the pond brings the pond to life.

We then rebuilt and remodeled the main terrace to the front of the house in reclaimed sandstone. The steps were given a much broader sweep with lighting installed in the side walls and new steps created to the side allowing for a larger and more balanced border. Abundant planting softens the edges and spills gracefully over the new walls.