Ralston Road


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The clients for this Glasgow garden asked us to provide a garden in which to relax after a busy day. The existing garden was a large expanse of featureless lawn, and they had a desire for water, new terraces, abundant planting and a gazebo in which to sit and enjoy their new space. Drainage was also an issue causing serious moss problems on the old lawn.

We collaborated on the design and implementation of the garden with Calum Gordon of Splash Gordon Water Features who created the stream and pond, and installed land drains into the lawn. The spoil from the pond and drainage was used to create height for the stream and the large new raised bed, which was enclosed by a low drystone dyke. A sinuous path leads up the garden to a new gazebo and small terrace, greenhouse and raised bed potager. The sandstone edging allows for easier mowing and maintenance of the new lawn.

Alpine and rockery plants on the raised bed give way to moisture loving plants by the pond. A generously planted mixed border sweeps down the garden on the right forming a backdrop for all seasons. Specimen shrubs were used throughout to provide instant impact. Uplighting in the beds brings the garden to life at night, with spotlights on the water to gently move the light.