Riverside Cottages


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Our brief was to design and landscape gardens in two adjacent properties - one a family home and the other a stunning holiday cottage created from a converted mill.

At the family home we removed the mud and cobble car park, and with use of a gently curving drystone wall enclosed the space and gave a wonderful courtyard feel. Family dining for eight on the sandstone patio is provided and the garden is secluded and private, kept warm at night by a small outdoor fireplace.

The river cobbles were re-used in the adjoining garden, along with granite kerbs and some large pieces of slate to produce a unique and beautiful Japanese path.

The garden adjacent to the holiday cottage was terraced, providing a lawn and patio area. Views were opened up to the river at the foot of the garden, and the planting kept simple throughout.

One rather fun touch is the wood fired clay pizza oven which we constructed. Although it takes about three hours of heating the wonderfully crisp and smoky pizzas taste like nothing else!