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We were asked to produce a garden for entertaining which was to be as much fun in the evening as during the day. It was to be low maintenance and to form an interesting backdrop to views from the living room and kitchen. The clients also had some interesting specimen plants they were keen on preserving and showing to best advantage. The previous garden was a concrete jungle and they were keen to proceed with natural materials where possible.

We based the garden on two levels with a new BBQ and seating area to catch the evening sun. The lower garden provides space and the back wall is swathed in planting. The raised beds were constructed out of sleepers atop sandstone we reclaimed on site, and act as seating for social gatherings, as well as holding easily maintained planting.

Two water features gently soothe the ear as well as lighting dramatically at night. Spotlighting in the planting brings the garden to life at night, and we also installed LED lighting into the side of the beds as a simple detail.