East Kilbride #2


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Our clients asked us to 'realise the potential' of their garden. To do this we created a garden of two 'rooms' and made a number of simple changes to create the space. First of all we moved the large and obtrusive shed to the base of the garden, and this along with removal of the lower fence, helped the garden appear considerably larger.

We used sandstone paving throughout as it complements the building very well. A single path leads through the beach pebbles next to the house and becomes stepping stones through the lawn down to the second patio and barbeque area. Here we used reclaimed sandstone to create a sturdy bench which acts as a focal point from the house and sits comfortably in the landscape.

The cottage style planting is colourful and frames the whole garden, spilling out of the borders into the gravel and subtly dividing the two spaces. Interest and scent is provided throughout the year, making this a very relaxing space.