Kelvin Drive


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This town garden was intended to provide drama, and to feed all the four senses. We have created a stunning rill with water emerging from a stainless steel ball and traveling through the upper garden. The water then trickles down a bespoke glass sheet and into a lower pool with fish.

The lower garden was transformed from a muddy collection of crazy paving into an inviting terrace for evening entertaining. Sandstone paving laid in bands is broken by four mosaics from designs by the clients' children giving a timeless detail to the paving. Mosaic was also used to form a simple but effective drain. Generous planting in the raised beds is uplit at night making for a wonderful backdrop.

The upper garden has a sandstone paving path with inlaid granite cobbles crossing the rill and leading to an inviting seat. Herbs such as rosemary, thyme and lavender provide scent, along with climbing roses and honeysuckle on the trellis. Espallier trained apples on the wall, along with fruiting cherry trees give seasonal fruit. Grasses have been carefully placed in the beach pebbles for movement in the light breeze and carefully clipped box adds geometry and classic style.